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EXPrEss . FEEL . BE .


I create from a place of curiosity.  A commitment to the study of the human element, nature, light. My work lends itself to the exploration of such. Aiming to stay deeply rooted by way of intuition. It’s here that I find authenticity yields itself most purely into creation

Connection. emotion. Wild Beauty. Curating an experience. unearthing your true self. Preserving this lil moment in time. 

From the shores of Lake Tahoe to the depths of the Desert and everywhere in between.


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Dedicated to the simple, the unique, and everything along the way. Documenting the light that shines upon your authentic self.
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JEnna & Parry
Tulum, Mexico

We have worked with Bianca for multiple shoots now. She made us feel extremely comfortable and we had a blast. From an engagement shoot in the fog, boudoir shoot in a bedroom, rehearsal dinner on the beach and a wedding in the jungle, Bianca is a master of her trade and will make any lighting/location the most beautiful photos. Bianca will instantly feel like your best friend making you feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera. Can't recommend her enough!! 

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