killin it. // moni thompson.


this right here, is a powerful female.

uniquely herself, fiercely strong and abundantly kind. moni is the kinda gal that catches your eye n' makes ya wonder. she reminds you what authenticity looks like, and sparks that light deep down inside, that reminds us all to be real. to just be, unapologetically, ourselves. 

   i've been aiming to get her fab face in front of my camera for dayyyz and damn if it's not a treat to shoot a women with confidence.  movin freely about her home, drinkin wine, chattin and snappin. it's oh so refreshing to document a genuine spirit in a space which reflects that unique soul and i so dig having these sessions in the homes of my clients. home facilitates that physiological tranquility. it allows my subject to just feel at ease and yields the energy of their truest self to surround them. this is when that raw inner light really shines.

this is a celebration of YOU moni girl.  a gentle reminder to listen to the pure pull of your heart. to continue to tap into your truest self and to keep livn life the way YOU want.

 big love ya boss.