Britnei & Jayem // Reno, NV

/// my oh my. what a lil digging on the gram de la insta can produce. 

i found these special beings and knew i wanted/needed to shoot them.

young, free. in love. living lives guided my a higher light. 

we weren't strangers trying to create anything. we were friends .just being.

these images were a result of nothing more than connecting. 

b & jayem, you are absolute gems. i'm grateful the world tossed us into each other's corner for a moment in time and we, together, yielded something so beautiful.

more space to be shared in the future.


Briteni + Jayem // Reno, Nevada

You know you got some killer shuff, when you are just dyyying to get home, upload and edit. This funky duo and I had a such a time creating today. Reno is full of so much goodness... fresh finds round every damn corner. Endless options. 

Stay tuned for more from this shoot.

Stoked on what happens when creative bright souls connect. 

Pure magic.