// Adventures in Yosemite

I gotta say, I literally cannot stop looking at these images.

It’s difficult to ascertain if my connection to them is based simply on the immeasurable beauty this wonderous land holds or the fact that I got to experience such a place with my love by my side. Actually, I feel fairly certain it’s the combination of the two.

// Yosemite is undoubtedly one of those majestic places on earth where you feel, way down in your bones, the vast magnitude of mother nature. A place that echos wildly throughout it’s deep valleys and up and down it’s grand walls.  Slabs of granite so intense, so extreme, that once you find yourself among them, you begin to calmly shift inside. You stand up a lil bit taller, you breathe in a lil bit deeper.  Without effort or consideration your mind is slowly emptied of reality and sensibility and begins to overflow with nothing but awe.

Oh my, is it humbling.