// Adventures in South America


 // It was on this trip that I saw the most intensely beautiful sunset of my life. Though it wasn't while lounging on a beach, or atop some grand peak. I was crammed into the back of a dirty white 'taxi cab' zipping through the streets of Buenos Aires. It was the muggiest of nights, I was hosting a solid 100 degree fever and  feeling all sorts of stressed that I wasn't gonna make it to the airport in time to catch my red eye flight back to the states. Did I mention that the cab broke down, oh approximately 5 times on the freeway during rush hour traffic? Not the most picturesque of settings or the calmest of circumstances, yet the South American sky opened up that evening  and put on the greatest show I've ever seen. My camera was all packed away allowing me to do nothing but stare out the window and experience. 

This is the memory that rises to the top when I look back on this adventure. I won't ever forget those short few minutes in time. Travel gifts us these moments, frees our minds of preconceived ideas about the way things are supposed to work, the way they ought to look. We're opened up to the uniqueness of our path, we're reminded of our connectedness as a species, as a planet. Oh my is it ever a treasure.

I'm one thousand percent ok w/ the fact that I don't have a photograph of that sunset cuz I gots all sorts of wonderful imagery to remind me of this beautiful journey. 

Buenos Aires, Colonial Del Sacramento. Montevideo. 

Argentina. Uruguay.

Yes, please.