// bhante sujatha



When you get a last minute phone call, asking you to shoot a Buddhist Monk on the shores of Lake Tahoe at 7am before he catches his flight to head home, the answer is always, a resounding, yes.

We only had about a hour and the weather was pretty dang unpredictable, but good grief what a beautiful hour that was.

Being in the presence of Bhante stimulates a special kinda magic. The energy and peace his tiny little being possesses is palpable and raw. My only complaint was not having more time to just sit, listen and absorb all that I could. Instead, we hopped around Crystal Bay and the Meadows, mostly in silence, both in awe of the beauty that spring morning provided.  It truly was a privilege to have been asked to lend my craft to this special man and his cause.  I encourage everyone to take a peek into the work he does and the loving kindness he is seeking to spread.


May you be well, happy and peaceful.






killin it. // moni thompson.


this right here, is a powerful female.

uniquely herself, fiercely strong and abundantly kind. moni is the kinda gal that catches your eye n' makes ya wonder. she reminds you what authenticity looks like, and sparks that light deep down inside, that reminds us all to be real. to just be, unapologetically, ourselves. 

   i've been aiming to get her fab face in front of my camera for dayyyz and damn if it's not a treat to shoot a women with confidence.  movin freely about her home, drinkin wine, chattin and snappin. it's oh so refreshing to document a genuine spirit in a space which reflects that unique soul and i so dig having these sessions in the homes of my clients. home facilitates that physiological tranquility. it allows my subject to just feel at ease and yields the energy of their truest self to surround them. this is when that raw inner light really shines.

this is a celebration of YOU moni girl.  a gentle reminder to listen to the pure pull of your heart. to continue to tap into your truest self and to keep livn life the way YOU want.

 big love ya boss.





Honor Flight // Washington D.C.

I gotta say, this assignment was one of the greatest honors I've ever been given as a photographer. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated w history. War history in particular. It's always been difficult for me to wrap my lil mind around the amount of courage and sacrifice the brave men and women of this country have had to call upon during these moments in time. And it's just completely fascinating to me, what they have endured. 


Honor Flight gives Vietnam and WWII veterans a trip of a lifetime. The organization flies around 50 vets to D.C for 3 days to see the war memorial that have been built in their honor. For some of these vets,, the WWII ones in particular, time is of the essence. There aren't many of them left and  providing them this opportunity will often time be one of the last chapters of their lives. 

This particular trip was for Vietnam veterans and I cannot accurately articulate what this wknd meant to the men and women who were on this journey. However, hopefully these words from one of our Honor Flight veterans will give you all a true understanding of the impact this trip had on their lives. 



 Dear Honor Flight Nevada,

I can't adequately express in words my gratitude for being included for the Oct 3-5th trip. I'm sure you have heard many stories from grateful VETS who have been on these trips. Here is mine.

My twin and I were born and raised in the Air Force. Our whole world was the military. Looking back, we could have had a more enriched upbringing and childhood experience. 

Like so many other BRATS, we chose to join the military after high school. Paul entered the USMC in 1965, I followed early in '66.

While stationed at Camp Pendleton in August of 66, I was told by my commanding officer that my twin brother Paul, had been killed in action.

Later that fall, while stationed as NAS, Jacksonsville, FL, i was bothered by a constant twitch in one of my eyes as well as a deep down aching inside. A young Navy Dr explained that the eye twitch was most likely caused by the emotional trauma I was experiencing. Time heals, soon after, the eye twitch stopped.

But the aching persisted. For the past 50 years, I have often felt that ache, as well as the survivor's remorse and regrets, and constant reminders of all the ill treatment experienced by so many who gave so much. 

During my experience on the Honor Flight, a change came over me. Reaching up to touch Paul's name on that wall and surrounded by my comrades, I experienced a feeling of peace for the first time in all those years. 

After I returned home, the quilt, stayed in it's protected cover for several days while I contemplated where it should be kept. Then one evening, I took it out of the cover and sat back in my favorite chair. As as I sat there with that beautiful quilt wrapped around me I began to feel that peaceful contentment again and the ache finally went away. I'll have it by my side always.

Thanks so much to you and everyone who has had a part in this very healing experience. Please feel free to share this letter with them. On behalf of all VETS, you folk have done a wonderful thing for us

Britnei & Jayem // Reno, NV

/// my oh my. what a lil digging on the gram de la insta can produce. 

i found these special beings and knew i wanted/needed to shoot them.

young, free. in love. living lives guided my a higher light. 

we weren't strangers trying to create anything. we were friends .just being.

these images were a result of nothing more than connecting. 

b & jayem, you are absolute gems. i'm grateful the world tossed us into each other's corner for a moment in time and we, together, yielded something so beautiful.

more space to be shared in the future.


Briteni + Jayem // Reno, Nevada

You know you got some killer shuff, when you are just dyyying to get home, upload and edit. This funky duo and I had a such a time creating today. Reno is full of so much goodness... fresh finds round every damn corner. Endless options. 

Stay tuned for more from this shoot.

Stoked on what happens when creative bright souls connect. 

Pure magic.

// Times they are a changing...

'Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'


Each new trip around the sun carries with it the opportunity for reflection, a beckoning for pause. Looking back on this past year, the overarching theme was change. It brings me a whole lotta joy and peace to be able to span across a years time and know that I have grown, just maybe evolved a bit within myself. That I'm inching closer to the type of center I desire.

It's safe to say I have been itching to mix things up with my art, my site, my brand. When what you do for a living is also representative of who you are, you find things frequently shifting and stretching about, just as your own mind does. This craft of mine will always be evolving, I will always want to pull and push it in new directions. As life morphs and changes, so too will my photography. I embrace these changes. I get so stoked knowing that it will be ever unfolding, opening up new avenues to offer fresh perspectives, more truth.

It was time for this change. I am humbled to know I have room for growth, yet oh so confident knowing I am harnessing more of myself into my craft everyday. And though change is present, there are constants that will forever remain at the core of my art.

I will allllways shoot what I believe in. What resonates with my soul.

The experience and freedom to create will continually inhabit my sessions.

I will remain focused and devoted to what I feel, not just what I see. 

......And so, on the dawnings of this new year, I am damn excited.


Bianca Sciotto Photography.

Feels good. 

Let's shoot.